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The Truth Hurts!

I just had a fascinating couple of conversations. One works for a huge, leading mobile telephone platform and the other for a giant film distribution company, now part of a conglomerate.

The message from both seems to be that the days when you had people with passion and commitment at the tip of the spear has long gone. Even the days when a movie company was led by ex talent agents, lawyers or accountants had to be preferable to one where marketing gurus from unrelated industries took over. How can a person who markets soap know or care about getting some market space for a film that you might care about? Their only passion is to use franchise movies to grab market share as effectively as possible. It might make short term sense if you don’t consider that the guy or girl making that small but perfectly formed passion project is the same person who might one day make the future blockbuster.

Just a thought, wouldn’t it be great for everyone if they hired someone who knew about creativity to run a studio.

Within telecommunications we face a future in which the giant platforms, who purchased their place at high table for many billions of dollars, will not be able to generate enough returns to meet that investment from the use of their phone systems for speaking.

The guy I met from the telecommunications company asked me how I would define his job. I answered, in my most polite fashion, that he was the Chief Executive for a major platform provider. His response was that this was incorrect, as he would define himself as the CEO of an entertainment company that was simply using fast broadband technology as a means of delivery of entertainment to an ever increasing, and hungry public.

So entertainment and creativity is where it’s at, and that’s where we at Give-Get-Go come in.

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