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Tony Klinger comes on board JEENI as Ambassador

JEENI is proud to announce their new Ambassador, the award winning film maker and writer, Tony Klinger.

Klinger has made several internationally acclaimed documentaries such as THE FESTIVAL GAME, EXTREMS both currently in re-release by distributors Gonzo Media alongside his book ( and DVD film package) of THE WHO AND I about his exploits producing THE WHO movie, THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT. He has made many other feature films around the globe. Prior this, with his father, Michael who was also a world famous film producer making iconic films like GET CARTER, REPULSION and the CONFESSIONS series of films he worked on GOLD and SHOUT AT THE DEVIL with Roger Moore and Lee Marvin.

Tony said, “ I was thrilled to be invited to become an Ambassador with and for JEENI, I applaud and echo their ethical approach, and I was equally excited to engage with their amazing team so when they offered me the opportunity to share my knowledge of the music business, film making and creativity.”

Klinger’s fascination with ways of sharing the creative processes with business and commercial know how has seen him create initiatives like his own and before that with Artists United and bCreaive. “I discovered this need for sharing and spreading knowledge when I was a university academic.” His outstanding success led to his students winning many awards and their success continued when they graduated leading to illustrious professional careers/

Klinger had already made it clear, “I wanted to be involved in projects that continue and grow my dream that enables everyone to enjoy their creativitiy. JEENI is another big step in this seemingly endless search without me being sanctimonious or unreal, it still excites me, but also enables our audience to fully enjoy and think about the world we share.”

Our users of JEENI will be three dimensional and complex. Their projects might not be obvious but are, nevertheless understandable, In effect the JEENI community are the project. Above all they are individuals who can overcome their personal battles because they’re so empathetic, energetic and enthusiastic that you’ll want to engage with this emotional and creative roller coaster ride while their audience becomes fully engaged.”

Shena Mitchell, Founder Director of JEENI said, “We are hugely excited to have brought Tony into our family. He has an amazing track record and this experience and success in both the film and music industry proves he is a huge plus for us and we are already enjoying our work with him.”

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