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Making a Living From Your Creativity

Tony wasn't the only one who had a great time at his talk 'Making a Living From Your Writing' on the 26th last week!

Many audience members have responded with Great Enthusiasm and Humor to our Survey about the recent talk, here's what they had to say...

"Tony Klinger it was a great evening - a masterclass in communicating gems of business wisdom within a hugely entertaining talk.."

“The only reason I didn’t give you full marks all round was to avoid you having difficulty getting through the door with such a swollen head.”

"Wow !

Wow! Wow! Wow !

That wasn't what I expected.

I was prepared for some rabble-rousing exhortations to get out there and sell, sell, sell!

Instead I got this gently spoken guy taking us on a journey to places I at least hadn't seriously considered before

I came for the demagogue, but I got the pedagogue, for which I'm grateful.."

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