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Gripping Yarns Films Ltd announces it has received advanced approval from HMRC

Gripping Yarns Films Ltd announces it has received advanced approval from HMRC for investment in its initial slate of three films.

Gripping Yarns Films is set to produce and market a series of three films over the next five years, the first of which “Sweet Dreams” has already been commissioned and is scheduled for production after receiving Advanced Approval from HMRC.

The first film “Sweet Dreams” is a romcom followed by the East meets West boyhood adventure story “Dipak Calhoun” and then by the whimsical “Crooners.”

“Sweet Dreams” is currently in development and will be produced economically at a medium sized British film budget with very healthy international revenues projected over three to five years.

This will be financed by S/EIS funds which will be cash flowed by arrangements already in place; where necessary, international territorial minimum guaranteed sales will also be discounted as required.

The initial raise under Seed EIS (‘S/EIS’), as approved by HMRC, is for £150,000 (before expenses) and is to be used for development, actor and director holding fees and the creation of a special behind the scenes documentary. For further detailed information about the total package please contact us and we will send you our Information Memorandum and Business Plan.

For further information please contact

Tony Klinger- Producer

Sen Monro - Exec Producer Tel: 078 45 81 20 00

Paul Greenwood - CFO Tel: 079 56 44 27 77 Email:

All press and media enquiries please contact

Julius Just Tel + 44 (0) 79 66 88 25 10


55 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road London SW7 2PN

Tel +44 (0) 845 388 5814 Fax +44 (0) 207 990 8191


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