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"Sisters" premiere at The Chichester Film Festival

UK Premiere


1.30pm Monday 16th August 2021

The Studio, Chichester New Park Cinema, New Park Rd, Chichester PO19 7XY


What Will Happen To the Girls in Zohra?

The story of the first all-female orchestra in Afghanistan

'I would rather die standing on my feet than living on one knee' - Zarifa Adiba Joint leader of Zohra

An introduction by Executive Producer Tony Klinger 1.30pm followed by Q & A at circa 2.55pm

This extraordinary documentary feature film ‘Sisters’ is a real-life story; it investigates the lives of the

Zohra members, the first all-female orchestra in Afghanistan’s and their two young leaders: Negin Khpalwak and Zarifa Adiba.

Click her for SISTERS Trailer -

Sisters follows UK musician, Dan Blackwell to Kabul to meet Afghanistan's first ever female orchestra ‘Zohra’, the first female orchestra in a country where it is forbidden for women and girls to play music. Every member of this orchestra has faced terrible adversity to play music. Dan learned about Zohra online and got in contact with them first via Facebook and then followed with an email.

Dan Blackwell is a travelling musician and film maker from the UK. After working in the industry as a Session Guitarist, Producer and Composer, Dan launched a project called '4bar Collective'. The aim was to collaborate with large numbers of musicians, recording 4 bars of music from each to create original tracks and a network of cross promotion for all the artists involved. ‘Sister’ & Soundtrack Composed by Dan Blackwell & Tom Biggs

“When I discovered Zohra online, I was inspired to completely rework the structure of the project into a documentary series and working with Tony Klinger helps me realise this ambition.”

----Dan Blackwell, the director of ‘Sisters’

Negin Khpalwak, the Conductor of Zohra. At 20 years old she is the oldest member and the leader of the Zohra Ensemble. She sticks with and leads Zohra as the country’s first female conductor despite multiple death threats and family disputes. Zarifa is nowhere to be seen until Dan tracks her down. Discovering her precarious situation, Dan stays with her as she prepares to flee Afghanistan leaving close friends and family behind.

Zarifa Adiba Along with Negin, Zarifa was the outspoken second leader of Zohra until she fled the country during the production of this film.

'I would rather die standing on my feet than living on one knee' - Zarifa Adiba

Tony Klinger, the Executive Producer of ‘Sisters’. Our film is about the brave, talented women in the first all-female orchestra in Afghanistan and with the news coming out now it might be the last. I was taught by my father, always tell the truth, fight your corner, only make films you are passionate about, and when your dad is the film producing legend the now departed, Michael Klinger, you listen, he made many terrific films such as the classic ‘Get Carter’. Tony is an award-winning writer, and filmmaker. During a stellar career he started out as an Assistant Director on ‘The Avengers’ TV series, and later was a producer or senior executive for films ‘The Kids are Alright’ ‘Gold’, ‘Shout at the Devil’, ‘Rachel’s Man’, ‘The Butterfly Ball’ ‘The Barcelona Kill’ ‘Extremes’ and many others, working with a galaxy of stars such as Lee Marvin, Twiggy, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, The Who, Vincent Price, Mickey Rooney, and Deep Purple and is currently producing ‘Dirty, Sexy and Totally Iconic’, ‘Solo2Darwin’ having just delivered ‘The Man Who Got Carter’ which, like ‘Sisters’ goes into distribution in September.’

Find out more at the Sisters Website Here


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Production: A 4bar Collective

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