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Give-Get-Go Education CIC.


Tony Klinger is a writer, filmmaker, educator and coach. He recently launched a new venture, Give-Get-Go which includes PUBLISHING, FILMS, DOCUMENTARIES and now Give-Get-Go Education CIC. In a career that spans being an academic, business leader, filmmaker and writer Klinger simply calls himself a storyteller. During a distinguished career echoing the achievements of his legendary father, Michael, who made “Get Carter” etc. Tony worked on films and shows such as “The Avengers” “Gold”, “Shout at the Devil”, “The Kids are Alright” “The Butterfly Ball” working with stars such as Lee Marvin, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, The Who, Vincent Price, Mickey Rooney, Deep Purple and many others.

Soon to be published are Klinger’s film reference books, “How to Get Your Movie Made by Someone Who Knows” and “How To Get Into the Movie Business” will be ready for publication alongside his new novel, “Alsatia – The Search for Treasure” plus “The Ultimate and Definitive Get Carter Book”.

Tony’s book about making his film with The Who, “The Kids are Alright” called “Who Knows” is about to be published in its new 3rd. edition with special photos by the famed Danny Clifford on the new Give-Get-Go Books publishing imprint.

“Above all I love telling stories, writing books and screenplays, making films, talking and teaching about films, in fact anything to do with film. Writing books and screenplays and making Documentaries are the spine of my life’s work and this field is, for me, always fascinating and compelling. Incredible stories about special people and incidents resonate around our world and I am honoured to be a small part of those lives, sharing their stories to an increasingly receptive world.”

Tony’s latest films on release are “The Man Who Got Carter” and “Sisters”. He also wrote, produced and co-directed “Solo2Darwin” and Produced and Presented “Dirty Sexy and Totally Iconic” Previous documentaries include, “Mr. J”, “The Festival Game”, “Extremes”, “The Making of a Giant” and “The Kids are Alright”. Klinger also directed and produced audio dramas “Navegator” “Reaper’s Shadow” and “Sweet Dreams” which he recorded last summer.


Helen Kenworthy, a multifaceted force in education and the arts, is a co-Founder of Give-Get-Go Education CIC and a founder of a non-profit partnership - The RYTC and Education Selection Box. She is an educator, author, speaker, coach, actress, director, producer, and an award-winning ambassador. Following from her experience working with renowned Bill Kenwright and nationally recognized Salamander Theatre, Helen started the process of putting young people and new talent front and centre. 


Helen’s journey took her into Alternative Provision and The RYTC/ESB partnership was established. Her mission, for ALL, is to make learning fun and accessible, to encourage ambitious futures, and to create professional opportunities across the creative arts.


As an author, Helen has written a range of works from GCSE resource books to the loved Snuffer and Robertson children's book series. She has also penned narratives such as  ‘Are We There Yet? The hilarious truth about becoming a foster mum' and ‘Kairos’ Anastasia’s life is changed forever when she’s accused of murder-well it would, wouldn’t it?". 


Celebrating the 30th founding anniversary of The RYTC, Helen takes immense pride in continuing to empower young people. Through engaging performing arts courses, she is committed in supporting young people in confidence-building, emotional resiliency and practical life skills learning. Today, Helen actively collaborates with mental health and wellness organizations like RISE and Joyful Living to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where young people can thrive.


Helen's dedication has been recognized through multiple awards. Among her accolades are the ENYAN Regional Youth Arts Champion, Finalist Clubhub 2019, Finalist Whaton4Kids 2020, Prestige West Midlands Grass Roots Theatre Arts Organisation of the Year 2020, 2021, 2022, Midlands Enterprise Awards; Most Innovative Performing Arts Theatre – West Midlands 2021, Uk Educators Agency of the Year 2021, and Finalist Women’s Business Club Giving Back Award 2022, 2023 and Best Of The Best Performance Company 2024.

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The role of educators in the 21st century should be to help every student learn how to learn. It’s inspiring creativity, encouraging collaboration, expecting and rewarding

critical thinking, and teaching children not only how to communicate, but also the power of effective communication. These are skills students need to develop in order to love learning and to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic workplace.

If we want to provide every student with a 21st century education, we must foster deeper learning through the purposeful integration of academic content with experiences that intentionally cultivate the skills, mindsets, and literacies needed for students to become lifelong learners and contributors in our ever- changing world.

The courses, classes and experiences offered within this partnership of companies accelerates 21st century learning - providing students with the skills and competencies they need to thrive now and in the future. Key aspects are;

  • Personalised Learning.

  • A personalised approach recognizes that not all students learn in the same manner

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Learning through Doing

  • Communication. Sharing thoughts, ideas, questions and solutions in powerful ways

  • Rethinking Learner and Teacher Roles

  • Community Relationships

  • Technology


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