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Give-Get-Go Education CIC.


Give-Get-Go is led by Tony Klinger, who is an award winning international filmmaker with many famous films to his credit. He has made films with stars from the film and music industries such as The Who, Michael Caine, Lee Marvin, Roger Moore, Deep Purple and many others. 

The Give-Get-Go team also includes other current filmmakers, qualified educators, and leading dramatic professionals who, together, provide outstanding service.



This is a truly unique and very special company. Give-Get-Go is designed to work with people under 25 and over 55 years of age. But open minded about the in between!

Younger or older members of our society don’t get a fair chance to be productive in the creative (and other) sectors of our society.

This is a huge waste of talent! It is an unacceptable waste for commerce and industry not to harness two thirds of our potential talent pool.

GGG Experiences

In addition to our various productions, Give-Get-Go provide full and half day film making experiences, for businesses and individuals, delivered by industry professionals at our Northamptonshire studios. Give-Get-Go provide the film script the costumes, the make-up and all the equipment - you provide the cast and crew!

Check out the GGG Experiences tab at the top!


e-mail us 24 hours a day. Experiences can be booked for any day

Mon-Fri - 9am -12pm
Sat: 10am-2pm
Sun: Closed

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