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Creative Partners

Give-Get-Go (Sam Films)

Give-Get-Go is designed to work with people under 25 and over 55 years of age. Younger or older members of our society don’t get a fair chance to be productive in the creative (and other) sectors of our society and therefore Give-Get-Go makes them a priority on our film education programme. Give-Get-Go (community outreach) works in tandem with GGG (commercial) film, offering a programme of educational workshops, work experience and personal development opportunities for young, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the UK .

RYTC Creatives

Our team helps children and people of all ages grow in confidence and happiness, developing activities that meet their specific needs, building emotional resilience as well as practical life skills.We offer award-winning, engaging performing arts courses that are inclusive, innovative acting workshops, drama clubs, theatre training and team building.

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