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About Us



Give-Get-Go Education was created from a partnership between Give-Get- Go and the RYTC. Give-Get-Go has the years of experience and expertise of Tony Klinger who is an award-winning

international filmmaker with many famous films to his credit. Give-Get-Go is an established and experienced provider of every part of creating a film. The RYTC are specialists in theatre and playwriting for all ages. Directed by Helen Kenworthy, the RYTC has a background in theatre production and specifically theatre- based education courses.

So after combining their years of experience and all these two groups can offer young people, Give-Get-Go Education was created! These educational and hands-on programmes are ideal for work-related learning in Film and/or Theatre. Learn everything there is to know about the process, the key terms and the roles included while creating a real production and gaining valuable work experience!

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