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Give-Get-Go & Gripping Yarns Press Release

AWARD WINNING PRODUCER TONY KLINGER WITH ACTOR, WRITER AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER SEN MONRO AND CFO PAUL GREENWOOD SET TO PRODUCE A SLATE OF THREE FILMS IN THE UK. THE FIRST ‘SWEET DREAMS’ A BRITISH ROM COM WITH STEVEN BERKOFF, VICKY MICHELLE, BOBBY DAVRO AND NINA WADIA Gripping Yarns Films plan to produce and market three modestly budgeted films over the next five years. The first film ‘Sweet Dreams’ is a classic rom com written by the talented writer Sen Monro. This is British humour at its best that translates internationally, demonstrated by previous hit UK movies, such as ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, ‘Bridget Jones’ and ‘Notting Hill’. ‘Sweet Dreams’ is currently in advanced development with legendary British actor Steven Berkoff, Vicky Michelle MBE, Bobby Davro and Nina Wadia OBE are attached. Discussions are ongoing with several major stars to also appear in the film. ‘SWEET DREAMS’ - A TRUE BRITISH ROM COM This romantic comedy is the journey that Mark takes, as he realises there is more to his existence than being a woman chasing, bon viveur, live for today self-centred individual. Add to the mix Jasmine, an Anglo-Jamaican beauty, a sexy she-devil, a bigoted boisterous East End London family, noisy West Indian neighbours, an exotic mix of ethnicities, a handful of cross dressers and the world’s greatest surgeon a mix up at the cemetery, and you have all the ingredients for a great comedy. DIPAK CALHOUN’ - AN EASTERN ABOUT A COWBOY AND TWO INDIANS This film features two loveable mischievous orphans Dipak and his best friend ‘Stinky’. Living in a Mumbai orphanage they decide to runaway together to America in search of Dipak’s father, the enigmatic Texan oil baron Theodore P. Calhoun. After many adventures they eventually arrive in the USA and discover Dipak’s ageing father is an oil billionaire. This is a wonderful adventure story of triumph over adversity and how every child seeks a sense of belonging. ‘CROONERS’ - GERIATRICS GOT TALENT- THE BEST ‘OLD BOY BAND’ EVER SEEN‘ The world’s greatest talent show welcomes the best ‘Old Boy Band’ ever. Charlie Willis’s ten-year- old daughter Lucy needs a life-saving operation which can only be performed in America. Charlie recruits his dad and grandad and together they form a plan to enter talent shows, karaoke competitions and sing in old people’s homes to raise the money. As their journey continues the male trio grow closer and more understanding of each other. With the help from a sometimes-lucid legendary crooner long since forgotten in an old people’s home they polish up their act with a view to challenging the new kids on the block. Do geriatrics truly have talent and do the Old Boys on the Block have what it takes to win the world’s greatest TV talent show? The prime market for these films will be its global cinema release followed by digital platforms, network, syndicated and cable TV. Gripping Yarns Films is currently raising investment for their slate of films.

TONY KLINGER PRESIDENT PRODUCTION / PRODUCER GRIPPING YARNS FILMS ‘We are out to build a sustainable film business, producing high-quality, modest budget films on a regular basis. The key to this sustainability is that the films to be produced meet a market niche. That there is a proven audience for them, we understand our market and we consistently produce films that meet these audience needs. The Company has the expertise with a highly experienced team with a background in film, TV, and business to produce high-quality films with great artistic and financial promise. SEN MONRO FOUNDER / WRITER / PRODUCER / GRIPPING YARNS FILMS ‘As soon as I spoke with Tony Klinger, I was planning how I could get him on board our productions. Tony agreed to produce the films and more importantly I found a new friend and ally with tremendous knowledge and huge experience.’

TONY KLINGER Tony Klinger is an award-winning writer, director, film producer who was born 29th January 1950. By the age of 18 Tony was making critically acclaimed and commercially successful films that received wide public distribution and numerous awards. Over a distinguished career he has made more than 500 film and media productions of all types. Written several books, articles, columns and blogs, film screenplays and two plays. Tony is an acclaimed public speaker and a successful academic. In a career that spans being an academic, coach, filmmaker and writer, Klinger calls himself simply a storyteller. Tony began his career in the late 1960’s working as an Assistant Director on the hit TV series ‘The Avengers’ with Patrick McNee and Linda Thorson. MICHAEL KLINGER

Tony then went to work with his father the legendary producer Michael Klinger, who produced over 30 films in his career including the iconic ‘Get Carter’, starring Michael Caine considered to be the quintessential British gangster movie. ‘Get Carter’ was selected as the ‘Greatest British Film’ in a survey of British film critics in ‘Total Film’ magazine in 2004. Michael Klinger always considered his best films were ‘Repulsion’ and ‘Cul-de-Sac’ directed by Roman Polanski. ‘Gold’, ‘Shout at the Devil’, ‘Rachels Man’ and ‘Riding High’. Tony collaborated with his father on a slate of commercially successful and critically well received films including ‘Gold’, ‘Shout at the Devil’, ‘Rachels Man’ and ‘Riding High’. Galaxy of Stars

Tony has worked with many stars including Sir Michael Caine, Roger Moore, Lee Marvin, Jack Nicholson, Mickey Rooney, Susannah York, Ray Milland, Barbara Perkins, Rita Tushingham, Sir John Gielgud, Peter Finch, Peter Ustinov, Leonard Whiting, Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, Maurice Jarre, James Galway. Eddie Kidd, The Who and Deep Purple. Music Films Tony also made many outstanding music films, including ‘

Deep Purple Riser Over Japan’, featuring Deep Purple, and with the original Who line-up for, ‘The Kids Are Alright’ (1979) and ‘The Butterfly Ball’ with a host of music legends. Tony has directed music videos for Honest John Plain featuring The Pretenders, Hanoi Rocks and Mott the Hoople (2012) ‘The Man Who Got Carter’ - Documentary Tony has created a film ‘The Man Who Got Carter’ as a homage to his father the late great Michael Klinger. TMWGC contains interviews with Sir Michael Caine, director Mike Hodge’s and colleagues who knew Michael Klinger and worked with him and rare shots of Michael celebrating with his family and friends. The film has won a number of awards at film festivals and will be broadcast on TV and released on digital platforms in North America and elsewhere this September. Writer/Producer/Director Tony Klinger ‘Solo To Darwin’ - Documentary

‘Solo2Darwin’ is the story of the courageous Amanda Harrison a pilot and cancer survivor who planned to fly her 1942 Tiger Moth (DH82a) from the UK across Europe through the Middle East to Darwin in Australia. This is the story of what happens on this eventful flight. This film is now in post-production. Director and Co Producer – Tony Klinger ‘Sisters’ - Documentary ‘Sisters’ follows UK musician, Dan Blackwell to Kabul to meet ‘Zohra’, Afghanistan’s first-ever all female orchestra. Every member of this orchestra has faced terrible adversity to play music This is their story in a country where the Taliban consider playing and listening to music is ‘haram’ and girls and women are expected to stay at home and not be educated. ‘Sisters’ is in post-production and will be released in 2021. Director - Dan Blackwell - Exec Producer - Tony Klinger

In Production ‘Dirty Sexy and Totally Iconic’ In another new film Tony celebrates the 50th anniversary of the iconic British gangster film ‘Get Carter’ with his current production, ‘Dirty, Sexy and Totally Iconic’. Writing Credits Books

2009 ‘The Who and I’ about making the film ‘The Kids are Alright.’ 2011 ‘The Butterfly Boy’ - Novel 2017 ‘Under God’s Table’ 2021 ‘Alsatia – The Search for the Treasure’ 2021 ‘How to Get Your Movie Made by Someone Who Knows’ Scripts Just a Boy’ ‘Navegator’ (correct spelling) – Co-writer ‘4 Kicks” “Honeysuckle Heights”

“Closed Circuit” ‘Reaper’s Shadow’ - Co Writer “The Butterfly Boy” (mini-series) “Ice” “Summer in the City” Audio Productions – Podcast ‘Reapers Shadow’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ “NavEgator” Plays ‘A Tired Heart and the Big C’ premiered in 2016.

Academia & Charity Course Leader for the MA Film Production and BA Foundation Degree courses at Northern Film School Director of the Media Production Centre at the University of East London. National Secretary of The Association of Media Practice Educators (AMPE) The Audition for Hollywood Company. Screen Commission Northants – Co Founder Patron of The UK Film School Charity Awards - Tony Klinger • Lifetime Achievement Award – Romford Film Foundation - 2018 • Fuji Film Scholarship Awards (9) Including • Best Production • Most Commercial Film • Best Direction

• Kodak Commercial Prizes • The Queens Anniversary Award for Education’ • The San Sebastian Award for ‘The Kids are Alright.’ Continues • The London Film Festival for ‘Extremes’ Give Get Go - Tony Klinger Coaching Tony launched Give-Get-Go in 2018 as his main production and training company. Tony Klinger Coaching in 2020 to share his extensive film knowledge and provide coaching for people who wish to make a career in film. Gripping Yarns Films – Film Production Company

A JV with writer actor Sen Monro and CFO Paul Greenwood to initially produce a slate of three films the first being ‘Sweet Dreams’ a Rom Com followed by ‘Dipak Calhoun’ and rounded out by ‘Crooners’. Website Facebook - Twitter - Classic Drama Radio The new ‘Classic Drama Radio’ station launched Monday 28th June 202

1. A JV between Tony Klinger’s s Give–Get-Go Audio and Joseph V Sultana creator and Andy Wood Programme director. Classic Drama Radio plays classic old radio shows from the 1930’s 40’s and 50’s. There are Adventure Shows, Horrors, Mysteries, All-Star Variety Programmes, Comedy Shows, Quiz Shows, Musical Shows, Sci-fi Adventures, Cop Shows, Sports, Detectives, Chat Shows, Jungle Capers, Children’s Programmes, Westerns, Love Stories, Cookery Shows, Fantasies, Factual Shows and News Broadcasts and much more. All programs are sourced from a private collection of over 100,000 old time radio shows with their crisp, delightful audio clarity - just as originally broadcast. Social Media - Tony Klinger


Sen Monro was born in London to Turkish Cypriot parents although he had a Greek Cypriot great grandmother. It was evident from an early age that Sen had a natural ability to write fascinating stories and to act in them. He attended drama school and academies both abroad and in London. As an actor he has portrayed many roles as he has a wide range. He is now becoming recognised in the world of film and TV, through both his acting and script writing. Sen is also currently working with Steven Bernstein (‘Monster’) on a self-penned comedy feature film. “Sweet Dreams’ is a lovely story with a relatable message. It does not shout at you DON'T BE A RACIST!!! It does, however, show you how myopic and intolerant one can be about race, religion, sexual preference etc. I wanted to highlight these things in a comedic way whilst still conveying a message.

Spoon feeding people or forcing them to see their prejudices does not change people, it just makes them more resentful to change. However, having a laugh at a good romantic comedy is how you invite people to see things more clearly - at least I hope


Paul Greenwood is an experienced growth-focused business leader with over 20 years’ experience in senior and executive positions in the asset-based finance and logistics sectors. Starting out in South Africa with MOBIL, Paul’s 25-year career includes senior corporate roles at ESKOM, Imperial and Super Group. During 2005 Paul relocated to Dubai, UAE. He made his mark as a CEO in the asset-based finance sector and led Massar to a UAE market leading position in the highly competitive rental, leasing and logistics sector. During his tenure, Paul mentored an Emirati who took over the helm when he relocated to the UK at the end of 2016.

Following his passion for business, Paul co-founded Business Navigation Services to create a platform to identify, consult and participate in new and exciting ventures.

Paul brings a high level of financial and commercial acumen to the team, with a history of orchestrating successful business growth, go to market strategies and the ability to influence, shape and close deals. Awards: Power 50 - GCC's Top 50 CEO (Logistics) Paul Greenwood CFO Website -


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