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Please read our terms carefully and contact us if you have any questions

1.All equipment and clothing remains the property of Give,Get ,Go and any damage caused by deliberate misuse of such equipment is deemed to be a breach of the Terms and Conditions and may result in further action being taken.

2.Participants must obey the instructions of the Give, Get, Go operatives who are responsible for your safety and the comfort of all participants.

3.No alcohol is to be consumed during the filmmaking process.

4.Whilst the Give Get Go Team is available to help you technically, you and your crew are responsible for the artistic decisions in creating the finished product and its quality. No refunds will be given for DVD’s which are technically sound.

5.The Give Get Go team will allow you and your crew to make any artistic choices regarding your film, but if they feel guidance or arbitration is necessary to ensure you complete your film on time, they reserve the right to intervene and make decisions as required.

6.Any participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an appropriate adult of at least 18 years of age

7.Any participants requiring assistance due to a disability may bring an essential companion with them. This person should be at least 18 years of age and be will be fully responsible for the participant in the event of an emergency. Proof of status will be required.

8.Sessions will begin promptly at the time stated on the confirmation and participants should arrive at least 30 minutes before this time for registration and a safety briefing. Any participants arriving late may not be able to continue with the filming and a refund will not be issued.

9.Give, Get, Go can only be responsible for the content of the sessions. The journey to and from the venue remains the responsibility of the participant.

10.GGG cannot be responsible for any illness or injury occurring as a result of a pre-diagnosed condition which was not declared on the registration form. A copy of the registration form can be found at the bottom of the page.

11.All participants must complete a registration form prior to arrival and sign a copy of these terms and conditions before filming can commence.

12.All Deposits are non-refundable

13.Cancellation – Any cancellations by the participant within 5 weeks of filming will not be refunded

14.In the unlikely event that Give, Get Go is forced to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we will endeavour to rebook your party at your earliest convenience. If we are unable to accommodate you on future date, a full refund will be given.

15.If your package includes food, it is your responsibility to inform us of any allergies or intolerances you may have which will affect your food options. All food is prepared in an atmosphere that may contain nuts.

16.The management and Give Get Go team reserve the right to make any necessary changes to the days events, which may arise due to unforeseen circumstances. This may include times, equipment, food options and artistic choices.

17.Any breach of these terms and conditions may lead to a person being removed from filming without refund.

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