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Enjoy the luxury film making experience with your own GGG team. The day ends with your own copy to keep of the film you create. Led by and created with Tony Klinger GGG shares his family’s film making tradition which has included their productions Get Carter, Gold, The Confessions Series, The Kids are Alright and many more. He knows how to help you do your creative best while having fun because he also ran the world famous production degree programmes at the Bournemouth Film School and Northern Film School.
The workshop will be full of fun as you create your own film memories and learn top tips from your hosts – professional film crews who are some of the best in the business. Hear and see some of the best film tips from around the world, including the stories of GGG’s founder, Tony Klinger, who has made films with stars like Michael Caine, Roger Moore, Deep Purple and The Who. As you get on to the making, you will enjoy being part of the film crew just like the professionals, or, if you prefer, being cast to perform in front of the cameras. You can, when you’ve finished the filming also participate in the editing of your unique creations. All the while you will be guided, given tips and helped by our especially trained team of GGG professionals. At the end you’ll be sent neatly packaged copies of your films sent directly to your home This fantastic day-long workshop will have you making your own films in a studio environment, having fun, while being mentored by real professional film-makers and together with GGG we select and arrange your own GUEST STAR to appear with you in the film you will make. Imagine your own soap star, or Reality TV personality appearing with you in front of the camera, or perhaps you really want to reach out and work with a real movie star. Anything and everything can be possible.

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